Éowyn and the lord of the Nazgûl

Oil on canvas, 50 X 60 cm.

I found out that there was this challenge going on over at The Art Order and thought it could be fun to contribute. Well, this is the result …

Edit May 26th: The judges have now spoken – the verdicts can be seen here.

John Howe picked my painting for his top 5 and gave it this comment: “Very much admired the stark and sparing depiction, reminiscent of the Symbolists of Northern Europe, where there is no cleverness, simply a stripping back of the image to bare emotion. The figures are stiff and nearly naïve, but the imminence of the final encounter is contained in every simplified volume. Sometime the instant before the action can contain the action without recourse to other effects. Regrets: the unresolved saddle and the severed head of the creature, decidedly unnecessary, (and having to eliminate Tarly Crowbridge, a very similar piece.)”

For those who don’t know: John Howe is an illustrator who is pretty well known among Tolkien buffs. Together with Alan Lee, he was chief conceptual designer for the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. Website here.


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