Both are oil on canvas on board, 13 X 18 cm.

As the attentive observer may have noticed, I have being painting some small still lives lately. They are my way of dealing with a dilemma I am currently facing. On one hand, I want to make something that’s a bit more than mere studies. Something I can actually show to people and maybe frame and hang on a wall and call paintings. On the other hand, I tend to fail miserably when I try to make something out of all the great ideas for great paintings that I have, and I realize that I still have a lot of basic training to do.

This is where all those humble objects lying around in my messy lair cough discreetly and say ” … but why don’t you paint us?? We have all these interesting shapes and textures, and we are very good at holding a pose for as long as you like, while you study the intricate ways in which light will hit our surfaces”. And they are right, of course. There is so much to learn simply from looking at an object and doing my best to capture it with paint – about light, about form, about contrast, about paint handling, about Life, the Universe and Everything – and if I take those studies to some kind of a finish and they are just remotely accomplished, they will be some nice little paintings in their own right.

Now, these eggs. It doesn’t get much simpler than that, but those shapes are truly beautiful in their own right, and the way they cut the beam of light says pretty much anything you could ever want to know about how things work here on planet Earth, if you just listen carefully. On top of that, I also think about how delicious they are when they are boiled (somewhere just between soft and hard) and eaten with pickled herring in curry sauce on dark rye bread.

The eggs on the two paintings are on the same table and painted from the same position. The first painting was made during the day, with daylight from the window, while the second was painted in the evening and lit by a lamp on my easel


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