The Gypsy Punk Frog


A frog posing as Eugene Hütz, the lead singer of Gogol Bordello. Obviously a near relative of the Rock Frog.

Oil on grey paper, ca. 40 X 30 cm.


3 thoughts on “The Gypsy Punk Frog

  1. hey man this is awsome =, very well done, makes me want a tattoo of similar style haha. just out of curiosity, why did you go with the title “gypsy punk frog”? i’m not critisising or anything i’m just curious, and interested.

    • Thank you for the compliment 😉

      “Gypsy Punk” is how Gogol Bordello describe their musical style, and as this guy is some sort of a caricature of their singer, it seemed relevant to call him a gypsy punk frog. The whole frog-thing is a sort of an in-joke with a friend of mine who likes frogs – I have drawn quite a few birthday greeting cards with frogs on them for her, and this is one of them.

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