The death of Dido


After a sculpture from 1711 by Augustin Cayot (1667-1772) at the Louvre. Pencil and white chalk on yellow-grey Ingres paper.


5 thoughts on “The death of Dido

  1. Thanks! Krista: Currently, I am working on nothing less than an absinthe still life … don’t worry, I will keep you posted. I also have some more stuff from Paris that I’ll post here – I just need to make some decent photos.

  2. Mmm. I can’t wait for absinthe! Which kind are you going to use in the still life? Are you selecting for color, quality, personal preference, emotional attachment, all of the above?

  3. Well, as it has to pose for hours and end up getting somehow lukewarm, I don’t use the best of the best. A glass of Duplais Balance does the job well – it’s a slightly cheaper version of the Duplais we had in Paris. Nice colour, a nice enough drink when the session is over, but not so good that I can’t keep my hands off it while painting. I’m not trying to hit the exact colour, though – at the moment, I stick to a very limited palette and concentrate mostly on value.

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